Potential Side Effects of Triniti

Triniti Skin Treatment is a complete skin care program to treat the major signs of facial aging for immediate and long lasting results. The Triniti series is a combination of modern technologies for total facial rejuvenation: photo rejuvenation, tissue tightening and matrix laser wrinkle reduction. With these new technologies in skin care, Triniti is a faster non-invasive solution to address multiple skin aging problems.

The first treatment is the photo rejuvenation or color correction treatment that combines bi-polar RF energy to remove sunspots, freckles, broken blood vessels and other discoloration problems for a more even skin tone. The next step is tissue tightening with ReFirme using infrared light and bi-polar RF reduction to tighten areas on the brows, jowls, neck and cheeks.  Last is the wrinkle reduction with Matrix IR Fractional for wrinkle treatment on targeted areas. This can result in an improved appearance of neck and facial wrinkles. The three-part procedure schedules only one treatment per session, which is designed to let the skin heal between each procedure. It can allow the patient to experience improved skin condition in just 3 treatment sessions.

Trinity skin treatment has been proven safe and effective for most skin types, but can also cause minor side effects. Here are some of the risks and side effects Triniti patients can expect:

Treatment Discomfort

Patients may find the different degrees of heating and cooling sensation tolerable, but it can cause discomfort to others. But the heating sensation resolves itself towards the end of the treatment and has no lasting effect. Patients also have the option to have an anesthetic cream applied if they are more sensitive and less tolerant of pain.

Post Treatment Side Effects

Patients can have temporary skin redness or mild swelling right after the treatment. It can last for a few hours after the session or for as long as several weeks after on rare occasions, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. If patients have a lot of pigmented or dark areas treated, these can be become darker for a few more weeks and then flake off. Other side effects are:

  • itching
  • bruising
  • hypo or hyper pigmentation

Skin Complications

Other side effects on the skin can include skin wound that can lead to infection. Scarring and surface irregularities are also risks that can be experienced with the treatment due to the different methods of rejuvenating the skin. Patients may need additional treatments should any of these effects occur. It is always best to make sure treatment is handled by a highly-skilled skin professional for minimum risks with maximum results.

Triniti Skin Treatment takes around 40 to 60 minutes; approximately 30 minutes for photo rejuvenation, 20 minutes on tissue tightening and 10 minutes for the wrinkle reduction session. Each of the three sessions are scheduled 3 to 4 weeks from each other. Patients will feel a cooling sensation during treatment, then a progressive hot-pinching sensation that can be uncomfortable, but it should not be painful. The length of results differs with individual patient’s skin conditions, but can last for several months. Patients will see visible results gradually over the course of treatments; the doctors can advise patients to do maintenance treatments over time to maintain the achieved results.

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