Recovery after Laser Light Therapy

Laser Light Therapy is a versatile treatment, being suitable in patients with acne and other skin imperfections. The treatment may also be applied to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment may be applied in one or several sessions, depending on the purpose it is used for. The recovery period is reduced when compared to other more invasive treatments, however, there will be skin irritation and there are also a few guidelines to follow.

Cold Compresses

The skin will be red and swollen, so cold compresses should be applied on the treated areas. Ice packs may also be used. If there is pain, over the counter pain medications should be enough to manage the pain.

Limited Sun Exposure

Sun exposure must be avoided two to three days after the Laser Light Therapy treatment. This is due to the fact that the laser will irritate the skin and make it more sensitive to UV rays. If sun exposure cannot be avoided, a high sun protection factor cream must be worn at all times. The treated areas must be covered as much as possible. If the treatment is applied on the face, hats should be worn while outside.

Skin Products

After the Laser Light Therapy procedure, the skin will be more sensitive and regular skin products may cause additional irritation. The dermatologist can prescribe some special ointments, which will also help reduce the swelling and the redness. The ointments may contain antibiotics, which will reduce the chances of infection.

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