Similar Treatments and Alternatives to Fraxel

Fraxel offers a few different treatments, both predominately aimed at renewing the facial complexion through the use of a restoration process. Although Fraxel treatments use the power of lasers to care for patients, several other procedural alternatives provide similar results with the use of different tools and techniques.

Fraxel Information

Patients choose Fraxel because of its non invasive characteristics, plus the results that the laser treatment provides. Tiny microscopic lasers beams target specific areas of the skin in order to break down their organic composition. The human body reacts to this process by rebuilding, repairing and restoring the purposely, but helpfully damaged skin.

The results show brand new tight looking skin, providing an overall younger looking complexion. The treatment works on patients of nearly all ages and skin tones or colors. Fraxel procedures also target areas on the body other than the face.


Like Fraxel, the Pearl treatment uses laser technology to break down out skin layers. Pearl works to correct sun damaged skin by completely eliminating the damaged areas then letting the body naturally heal itself. While Fraxel targets mainly wrinkles and skin folds, Pearl primarily works to reduce sun damaged areas while firming the skin.

Patients enjoy Pearl and Fraxel, plus the chemical peel options due to their pain free methods and quick recovery time. Several laser and chemical peel brands work to reduce the aging effects by eliminating wrinkles and firming skin at the same time.

Chemical Peels

In many cases, chemical peels work in the same nature as Fraxel does. Deep acting chemical peels often work to break down chemical compositions under the top layer of skin to rebuild a new complexion from the inside out. Others, like Fraxel, partially work to break down the outer layers of skin allowing the body to go through a regrouping process in which new, healthy looking skin grows back to take the place of the old and unwanted.

Both chemical peels and Fraxel act like simple outpatient procedures in that patients encounter hardly any downtime if any at all. In many peels, patients have the option of choosing minor or no anesthetics, as they rarely cause unbearable discomfort, quite similarly to Fraxel treatments.

Chemical peels and Fraxel also tend to work for extended periods of time, but some patients choose to receive multiple treatments to ensure desirable results.


Probably the least similar to the previously mentioned treatments, injectable solutions actually contain ingredients that work to elevate the skin which contains wrinkles. Mostly composed of natural additives, the injectable treatments often get absorbed into the body and thus require multiple applications over an extended period of time in order to provide positive results.

Some patients like the fact that they do not break down their skin, but rather build onto it. However, this treatment does serve as the more invasive option, as syringes and needles get used to penetrate the top layer of skin. Similar to chemical peels, Fraxel and other laser treatments, injectable solutions target wrinkled or damaged skin in order to provide a younger looking complexion.

Many injectable solutions cost far less than laser based solutions because less product gets used (results often last less than intensive laser treatment).

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