Initial and Long Term Results of Vaser Liposelection

Vaser Liposelection is an efficient slimming technique that employs state of the art, high frequency ultrasounds to eliminate fat cells. If you are considering this procedure, you should be aware of the initial and long term results that it can have, so that you have realistic expectations.

Initial Results of Vaser Liposelection

The recovery time after a Vaser Liposelection procedure may vary according to each individual. Typically, it takes about 3 to 5 days for the swelling and bruising to go away. During the recovery time, patients may not be able to see the results of the treatment.

The results of the treatment will be visible immediately after the swelling subsides, and patients will see that significant amounts of fat are gone. The skin will also be softer, due to the ultrasound treatment.

However, Vaser Liposelection is not a tightening procedure, so patients may have some loose skin. The skin is an elastic organ, so it should tighten in time, but this process can be delayed in older patients due to a lack of collagen. If the loose skin is a problem, this can be eliminated through other plastic procedures or a collagen treatment.

Long Term Results of Vaser Liposelection

The long term results of Vaser Liposelection procedure depend on the patient's lifestyle. If they maintain their present body weight and eat and exercise on a regular basis, the results of the liposelection will be visible even after 10 years' time. However, if patients gain fat, they are more likely to gain fat in the treated areas as well. 

Talk to a nutritionist or a trainer to give you tips on how to preserve your ideal weight.

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