Lipotherme for Men

Lipotherme is a popular laser-assisted liposuction technology in which a laser device is used to remove unwanted body fat. Lipotherme is regarded as an effective procedure that also promotes optimal skin contraction and tightening results, because of its thermal capabilities in the dermis.

This procedure consists of applying a low, controlled heat induced application that will safely melt unwanted fat from selected areas of the body. The benefits of this process produce better contouring, smoother lines, and a more youthful appearance for the patient.

The Favored Cosmetic Procedure

Even though Lipotherme is appropriate for both men and women, it is noted that this cosmetic procedure is favored by most men. The fat reduction method is effective for men because of its simplicity to permanently eliminate unwanted fat cells from the body. Due to the fact that men and women are shaped differently, the targeted areas of body fat that men would prefer to remove fat from are the breasts, waist, abdomen, chin, hips and upper arms. Another reason why men would usually opt for a lipotherme procedure is because they have tough layers of fat that are hard to remove, even from exercising.

Visible Results from Lipotherme

Recuperation for patients will normally vary because each individual heals differently. The standard results from a lipotherme procedure is often noticed within 16 weeks.

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