Post-Zerona Laser Liposuction Lifestyle & Maintenance

Zerona laser liposuction is a fairly new, non-invasive procedure for fat removal that was started in 2008. This low-level laser therapy is designed to assist in the breakdown of fatty deposits, with no harmful thermal effects. No side-effects or downtime are associated with this process. Therefore, Zerona laser liposuction is a welcome alternative to surgical liposuction.

How Does Zerona Work?

Zerona laser liposuction uses a body sculpting procedure to contour the body. The energy from the low-level laser is applied externally to specific areas, transmitted through the skin, and absorbed into fat cells lying just below the skin. The treated cells release small amounts of fats from their interiors to their exteriors. None of the cells are killed or removed, they are only deflated. The fats, which are now sitting outside of the deflated cells, become liquefied and flushed away as debris during regular physical activity and proper nutrition. This is the normal way a body detoxifies excess extracellular products. Also, Zerona treatments are painless with no incisions or marks made on the body.

How Long Is the Procedure and Recovery Time?

The usual treatment protocol for Zerona laser liposuction involves six 40 minute treatment sessions over a two-week period of time. The treatment protocol may vary depending on your personal body composition and characteristics. Effects are usually visible after the first week, but may vary slightly with each individual. Sometimes, the results can be seen immediately. Since the procedure is completely non-invasive and doesn't require any healing, there is no recovery time and no side effects have been reported. Typical activities are not limited.

How Are Zerona Laser Results Maintained?

Patients treated with a Zerona laser need to understand the crucial importance of good "home care" during and after treatments. Strict diet and exercise are imperative to providing longevity of the results.

After treatments, care at home should include: vitamins, increased water consumption, cardio exercise and a reduced-fat diet. All of these components are part of a healthy body recovery system. The vitamins can be used as a supplement to keep the patient's body in top working condition. Drinking plenty of fluids assists the body with washing away the expelled extracellular fats and lymphatic massage encourages the lymphatic system to eliminate such compounds. The addition of these healthy lifestyles tips will help maintain the new body shape.

Zerona laser liposuction patients, who practice proper weight management, will decrease the possibility of extra body fat storage. The body will tend to gain fat back in areas where it was stored previously, so not only will a good exercise program prevent new fat cells from entering the treated areas, it prevents re-inflation of the fat cells currently present. A good exercise program is an easy way to maintain Zerona laser results.

Maintenance of a newly sculpted body can use all of the lifestyle suggestions mentioned above, as well as additional treatment sessions. Since the procedure is non-invasive and pain-free with no recovery time, additional sessions are a viable option.

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