Celebrity Botox: Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano was featured in a complete article this month in Details magazine. The article reports on how men have been unable to get their minds off of the actress since the time that she first entranced them as the adolescent "girl next door" in Who's The Boss? Milano went from girl next door to baring her body for adult magazines and has moved through different phases in her acting career ever since. But the article, and many of the men who have read it, say that it doesn't really matter what role she plays because this gal has got it all. Certainly those men would like to believe that Alyssa hasn't had to do any maintenance work to keep her good looks. We all like the fantasy of the perfect person right? But, of course, that's not the case with Alyssa (or anyone else for that matter). Not that Alyssa has had an extensive amount of work done. But Awful Plastic Surgery does report that she's a big fan of Botox injections. Men don't want a fantasy star who has crinkled signs of aging around her eyes and mouth. That's probably particularly true for a star like Alyssa Milano since much of her appeal comes from the fact that these guys have loved her since she was just a kid. To watch her get old in appearance now would make them feel old themselves, and nobody is rushing out to express attraction to the idea of aging. So perhaps Alyssa uses Botox to keep that youthful appearance; it seems to be working on the guys who still adore her. photo link
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