Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Britney's Lip Augmentation

Celebrity plastic surgery news has been rife with discussion about Britney Spears lately. That's got a lot to do with the fact that Britney is just hot gossip all around lately. But the plastic surgery rumors were fired up specifically when Britney was reported leaving the office of a doctor recently with much larger lips than when she entered. That caused the rumor mill to rapidly churn and people to start saying that Britney got lip augmentation. This is hardly the first time that cosmetic surgery or rather non-invasive cosmetic techniques, have been on the table with Britney at the helm. Earlier this year, numerous reports were made that Britney was using LipoDissolve treatments to get rid of the weight gain from her most recent pregnancy. And with all of the changes that her body has undergone over the years, it's no wonder that people want to know the truth behind her celebrity plastic surgery story. As far as the lip augmentation goes, the photos scattered around the Internet seem to confirm it. The surgery itself got buried beneath the rest of the story which was that she ran over the foot of a photographer as she left the place. But back to the lip augmentation ? it's hardly uncommon for celebrities (and average girls as well) to want their lips to be fuller. It's a sign of sexiness that gets noticed right off the bat and it's not hard to achieve. So perhaps Britney did get her lips plumped, but is that really so shocking? photo link
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