Korean Celebrity Plastic Surgery in Makeover Town

We have Hollywood where there are med spas and surgeons available to offer plastic surgery to the stars and the fans that surround them. Korea has Makeover Town. This area of the city of Seoul is rapidly drawing worldwide attention for its plastic surgery because of the number of people who are moving in to the area to get this kind of work done. The celebrities that we may be seeking to emulate in appearance over here are usually movie stars and sometimes television personalities but over in Korea, it's the soap opera celebrities that all of the ladies want to look like. They're getting their wish by working with Korean plastic surgery experts who congregate in offices in Makeover Town to provide this service to the people there. And it's actually not just Koreans who are heading to Makeover Town to get their facial plastic surgery done. In fact, some of our own folks in the Hollywood area are finding that even with travel expenses, plastic surgery may be cheaper if done over there than when done here in the United States. Learn more about this from the Washington Post. photo credit
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