Skin Care Website Gets a Facelift

There was a terrific press release put out last week by a skincare website which is worth taking a look at if only for your own amusement. The press release, which announces the re-launch of the Healthy Skin Portal website, is filled with entertaining wit which is particularly humorous to those of us who have an interest in cosmetic skin care. Drawing comparisons between improving the appearance of your face and improving the look of your website, the company manages to get attention for the work that they're doing. What Healthy Skin Portal is all about is various types of cosmetic surgery and skin rejuvenation. They do everything from laser hair removal to vein treatment. And they have something witty to say about all of it in relation to their new website update. The best line in the piece is when they discuss the way that they have streamlined their site, saying: "Like LipoDissolve for cellulite removal, Healthy Skin Portal has cut down the fat". Whether or not the site's worth checking out, the press release was sure entertaining. photo credit
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