Avoid Age Spots During Cooler Weather

We all remember to put on our sunscreen during the hot months of summer. But those months are gone and many of us aren't as good as we should be about protecting our skin. After all, it's cloudy and cool and no one really thinks about the fact that they might get sunburned. But the truth is that even if you don't get sunburned, the rays of the autumn sun could be doing damage to your skin. Jean Mitchell at The Dayton Courier reported last week on this issue. More specifically, Mitchell looked at the concerns that older folks should have about sun damage during the winter months. She found that older skin is more prone to damage from the sun, including such problems as age spots. She recommends common sense solutions that we sometimes neglect in the autumn including use of sunblock and moisturizers. Although this is specifically a problem for folks concerned about anti-aging, it's something that we should all think about as the months get cooler. Our skin deserves attention and care all year long. Engaging in sunless tanning to get the look we desire while maintaining the care of our face and body with moisturizers, exfoliants and the right treatments can help us look our best for many years to come. photo link
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