Botox for Decapitation Victim

Botox is normally considered a cosmetic procedure which is done by people interested in improving their appearance. However, there is a more serious side of surgery that Botox can also assist with if it's given the chance. Consider the case of Shannon Malloy who was decapitated in a tragic accident earlier this year. You would think that such a tragedy would lead to death but medical magic was worked and Malloy's head and neck were fused back together, with most of her function returning. However, one problem that's continued as a result of the near-decapitation is that Malloy's eyes are permanently crossed. Or perhaps it's not so permanent after all. Her doctor examined the damage closely, determining that there was nerve damage in the communication area between her brain and eye muscles, and that this damage might have a chance of being repaired using Botox injections. The Botox can relax the muscles which are currently pulling against each other in a contorted manner. The Botox was unsuccessful in its first round but that was due to the fact that the injections caused the eyes to overcompensate and turn outwards more than they should have. Additional surgical Botox treatments have a good chance of remedying the problem. And you thought the only thing Botox could do for your eyes was smooth out the wrinkles around them! photo link
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