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There was a book put out at the end of last year that got overlooked despite the fact that it deserves some attention. "The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets" is a compilation of all sorts of different beauty tricks that are reportedly used by your favorite (and not-so-favorite) celebrities. It was put together by Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman, journalists who have worked regularly with these celebrities and so who have the inside scoop on what the ladies do to get their skin and bodies in good shape. The reason that the book is so great for the average girl is that it gives a whole lot of tips that can be used by a person who doesn't have a celebrity budget. It turns out that a number of the stars aren't using the fancy treatment options that are available at high prices but instead are using simple cost-effective tricks to keep themselves looking great. For example, various facial treatments including egg whites as a main ingredient were recommended throughout the book. Of course, we know that celebrities also go get treatments that must be done by a doctor to help keep their skin clear. They get a chemical peel or some Restylane injections to improve their appearances. But the results of such treatments are always better on bodies that are starting out in tip top shape. This book gives you lots of tips for how to get yourself in that kind of form. And it gives some good celebrity gossip too.
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