Cure Blindness in Africa with Botox

You want to do your part to contribute beneficially to the world around you. That's especially true during this festive time of year when we are beginning to think about all of the ways that we can give to others. But the fact of the matter is that most of us don't really want to inconvenience ourselves to help others. And that too is especially true at this time of year when we are so busy with our own holiday activities that it's hard to consider fitting in the needs of others. One way that you can give to the world around you this year without changing your schedule is to go get Botox. Yes, really. A project called "Botox to Cure Blindness in Africa" which was launched in Southern California has taken hold around the nation. Participating doctors give the proceeds from their Botox treatment to a charity which raises money for cataract surgeries working to give sight to the nearly 7 million Africans suffering from blindness. And you can benefit at the same time because many of the doctors are giving Botox at a discount to encourage participation. "'Everybody gets Botox, so why not help somebody while you're getting it?' Marria Pooya, spa manager, said. (Source)" Of course, you still want to make sure that you find a doctor that you can trust. Just because someone is giving to a good cause doesn't mean that they're good at their jobs. But if you can treat yourself to a treatment this holiday season and help someone else at the same time, why wouldn't you? photo link
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