Florida Woman Gives Herself LipoDissolve for Christmas

It's a tad bit early in the season to be giving yourself Christmas presents but Florida resident Tammy Conner doesn't care. She's started getting a series of LipoDissolve treatments as a gift to herself and she's enjoying every minute of the indulgence. Well, maybe not every minute. Conner admits that the procedure is a little bit uncomfortable and that the injections cause a fever-like feeling when they're first obtained. Plus the cost isn't covered by insurance so she's got to foot the pricey bill herself. But despite these drawbacks, Conner reports that the LipoDissolve treatments are one of the best Christmas presents she's ever gotten. Conner is getting a fairly standard treatment regimen of injections - six of them, three weeks apart - to remove the fat on her stomach as well as under her arms. She reports that she has lost nearly three inches on her waistline, bringing her down a full pants size, and that she believes she'll lose a little bit more weight before the series of treatments are complete. Florida Today has the full story. photo link
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