The Importance of Finding a Doctor you Trust

Nothing can make a great skin rejuvenation procedure go horribly awry faster than having a bad doctor. Treatments are just treatments but a doctor can make them either work wonders or wreak havoc on your face. You want to make sure that you work with a doctor that you can trust so that you get the benefits of your treatments without the problems that can happen when things go horribly wrong. For example, take the case of SELF beauty editor Elaine D'Farley. She recently revealed that she went against her doctor's suggestions about Botox. She had been enjoying regular Botox treatments with him in moderation, boosting the youthfulness of her appearance through subtle injections. He warned her against doing too much. She agreed but then got swept away in a conversation with a different doctor. She decided to get more Botox than she needed and ended up with one of those expressionless faces that becomes the butt of Botox jokes. The moral of the story is that she should have stuck with going to the one doctor that she'd already seen positive results from working with. They had discussed what she was seeking from her treatments and worked out a plan to help her achieve that. By taking a one-time trip to a new doctor that didn't hear what she was saying she needed, D'Farley set herself up for bad care. Take the time to find a doctor who is willing to work with you on getting the right look for your face. photo link
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