What Was Your Rejuvenation Gateway Drug?

For most women, it's Botox. They get it once to see how it works and they find that they love the results. Their faces look fresher, they get comments that they appear younger and the attention is addicting. They love the way that they feel and they want more of that delicious feeling. So they check out what else is on the menu at their doctor's office. Is Botox the gateway drug for plastic surgery? Maybe. But just like there are some people who only dabble in drinking and never move on to harder drugs, there are plenty of people who enjoy their Botox but don't ever get more invasive procedures done to their face or body. They find what works for them and stick with it. Often what happens is that a woman will branch out from one minimally invasive treatment to another. She likes what Botox is doing for her browline and starts to wonder if Juvederm in the lips would be a good thing. By working closely with her doctor, she can find the right combination of treatments to give her the emotional high that she's been seeking all her life. Everyone has their vices. For some people, those vices are devastating to their lives. For others, they actually add to their existence on this planet. Sure, getting treatments can be a little addicting. But is there really something wrong with being addicted to looking your best? What was your gateway drug into rejuvenation treatments? photo link
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