Would you Feel more Comfortable with a Female Doctor?

Most women who go in to get their skin rejuvenation treatments done don't have a preference for whether their doctor is male or female. Unlike in the sensitive case of working with a doctor such as a gynecologist, skin rejuvenation treatments are non-invasive and considered neutral enough in terms of privacy to make most women comfortable with a doctor of either gender. However, some women do say that they would prefer to get treatments such as LipoDissolve or Botox done by a female doctor. A recent press release pointed out that skin rejuvenation and fat-dissolving treatments can be highly personal for some women. They may just feel better with a female doctor. Although we maintain that it's more important to concern yourself with the qualifications of your doctor than the doctor's gender, we do understand that some women prefer female doctors providing their care. For this reason, our network of qualified physicians is comprised of both male and female doctors. For example, although we don't know anything about the doctors discussed in the press release, we do know from the release that they are a male/female team located in Minnesota. And we also know that there is another male/female team in Minnesota that we do know enough about to recommend as doctors. Aesthetic Laser and Skin Solutions in Maple Grove, MN is an office co-owned by a qualfied husband/wife team. They offer a diverse range of treatments from LipoDissolve to Dermal Fillers. If you're not located in Minnesota but are interested in finding a female doctor, check our network to see if we can meet your needs. photo link
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