Aging Male Celebrities and Skin Care

There was an interesting article last week on which took an in-depth look at aging male celebrities and how they have made their aging work for them. It addressed the fact that men in Hollywood are able to show their age more comfortably than their female co-stars. However, it also brings up the fact that aging gracefully and aging naturally are not necessarily the same thing. The article cites numerous examples of men in the industry (Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Redford, George Clooney) who have let their hair go grey and their wrinkles get deeper. The signs of aging are said to give the actors some depth and richness as well as some believeability in the roles that the play as older characters. However, it's also pointed out that the aging might not be totally up to how nature would have it:
"Partly, that's the benefit of great facial structure (it's always the bones that go last). More than that, though, it's a suspiciously unlined dullness around the eyes that makes him look (there's no polite way to put this) weird. Is it Botox? Lighting? Makeup? Nipping and tucking?" (source)
A little bit of subtle skin care rejuvenation can give an older man a more refreshed appearance even if he does choose to let some parts of himself age more naturally. You can leave some of the wrinkles even as you get others removed with the use of dermal fillers. Of course, to achieve this subtle balance between aging and age-defying, you'll have to find a good doctor! Question of the Day: Which male stars do you think have aged best? photo link
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