Botox Relieves Men's Wrinkles and Prostate Problems

It's no secret that men these days are getting Botox injections. From celebrities like Simon Cowell to the guy in the cubicle over from yours, men everywhere are making use of the treatments to give their skin a smoother appearance. And now a different segment of society's men might start looking at the treatment for an entirely different reason. A new study has shown that Botox might have the potential to reduce the effects of an enlarged prostate. This isn't surprising considering that Botox was originally intended more for medicinal purposes than cosmetic enhancements. It only became a well-known household name after it went cosmetic but Botox was being used years ago to treat neuromuscular problems. It's still used in cutting-edge surgery today such as a recent case in which a nearly-decapitated woman received Botox treatments to resolve lingering damage to her eye muscle function. This new study may encourage doctors to do more research into using Botox to relieve enlarged prostate problems. But just because Botox might be returning to this kind of medicinal use doesn't mean that you shouldn't be using it for cosmetic reasons. In fact, most men are probably more comfortable asking their doctor about Botox for wrinkles than Botox for this other kind of problem. Related link: Botox Seller Looks Into Eyelash Enhancement Question of the Day: What can you tell us about your experience with Botox? photo link
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