Don't Forget Your Skin Care Doctor This Christmas

It's Christmas Eve and you're running through your mental list of the people that you bought gifts for. You're pretty sure that you took care of everyone that was important to you this year. After all, that last-minute stop at your skin care rejuvenation specialist's office let you get a bunch of great gift certificates and knock tons of people off that list. Ouch. You just realized that you were so busy buying those gift certificates that you didn't even remember to wish a Merry Christmas to your skin care rejuvenation specialist. How could you have been so careless? You spend a significant amount of your time with this person who beautifies your life. It's not too late. Your doctor wasn't expecting anything from you this holiday season anyway so it's not as if there's a real deadline. Just take some time this week to do something nice that will brighten up his day in the same way that he brightens up your skin. Write a letter of thanks for the treatments that you've received this year, add a testimonial to his professional social networking profile or refer a new client his way. The Christmas season is about giving back to those people who have given something to you during the year. Sure, you pay good money for the treatments that you receive. But if you're happy about the good work that you're getting in exchange, it's nice to let your doctor know that you're more-than-satisfied. Question of the Day: What has your skin care doctor given to you this year that deserves some recognition? photo link
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