Frankinsence vs. Cosmetic Treatments for Christmas Beauty

It's the holiday season and Christmas is all around you. Many people are making their last-minute appointments with skin rejuvenation doctors to get their faces presentable for their holiday parties. But what did people do to prepare their faces before the days when they had doctors to help? If you were friends with one of the old wise men, you probably adorned yourself with gold accessories, dabbed the scent of myrrh on your body and used frankincense to smooth out your wrinkles. In fact, frankincense is still used today by holistic healers who use natural ingredients to obtain medical results. (An example of this can be seen in a story from Vermont News about a local apothecary.) The product which is most commonly associated with the three wise men of old-fashioned Christmas tales is believed to be able to reduce wrinkling on the face. Of course, if you want to make sure that you get the results that you're seeking this Christmas, you'll probably want to stick with the normal treatments that you get from your doctor. Whether or not frankincense gets rid of wrinkles is debatable. Whether or not Botox gets rid of wrinkles is not. But during this holiday season it's always nice to take a look at how things were done in the past. Question of the Day: What other natural treatments for wrinkles have you tried? photo link
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