Mom Mystified by Magical Skin Rejuvenation Prize

A columnist with The Detroit News recently wrote about an unfortunate experience that she had with a spa in her hometown. She had received a phone call notifying her that she had won a prize package at their offices. She was thrilled, excitedly mulling over her treatment options with her kids. However, she misunderstood the call. She thought that she had won a treatment that was worth $300 when what she had really won was $300 off the total cost of a treatment package. It's only a slight difference but the misunderstanding made the difference to her. Although she had considered laser hair removal and really wanted skin rejuvenation to remove her age spots and wrinkles, she didn't want to pay anything for the procedure. She would've been willing to reap the benefits at no cost but didn't feel that she could afford to pay the remaining amount of the treatment balance. This is one of those cases that shows that it's important to read the fine print and ask the important questions up front. Some people would still consider $300 off of a treatment something that was worth their time and effort. For people who are interested in the benefits of skin rejuvenation, the question really isn't "will I pay for this?" so much as it is "how will I pay for this?" Many doctors will work with you on payment plans to make sure that you get the skin rejuvenation treatment that you desire at a rate that you can afford. Question of the Day: Would $300 off be enough to encourage you to get a treatment you'd been considering? photo link
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