Resolve to Start 2008 With a Fresh Face

Are you one of those people who sits down and makes a list of New Year's Resolutions? Are you also one of those people who has lost the list (and lost sight of your goals) by the time that Martin Luther king Jr. Day rolls around? If so, you might want to change your strategy. The problem with most people when it comes to New Year's Resolutions is that they think too big. They're dissatisfied with their appearance so they vow to go to the gym every day, eat only carrots and lose thirty pounds in the first month. These impossible goals make it difficult to achieve any measure of success which causes most people to feel like they've failed in their resolutions. For that reason, many people stop making them altogether. The key to making New Year's Resolutions that you'll actually keep is to make ones that aren't difficult. Then you need to break them down into steps to make them even easier to achieve. By doing this, you set yourself up for success which leads to the achievement of bigger goals down the line. One thing that you can resolve to do this year is to figure out ways to freshen up your skin. We go out into the world each day and show our face to people. When that face is beautiful, we feel our best. This allows us to act and react more confidently and to better climb our own ladders of success. Resolve to start taking better care of your skin today. Make a plan that includes steps like finding a skin care doctor, sorting through your options and starting your first treatment. These easy-to-accomplish goals will set the stage for a fresh new year. Leave the gym to the gym bunnines. Focus on getting your face freshened up. You can concern yourself with the diet next year. Question of the Day: Which skin care treatment appeals most to you? photo link
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