The Business Behind Being Beautiful

An interesting article was recently published by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. It took a look at the business of cosmetic procedures ranging from botox to laser hair removal. Discussing statistics about the rising number of practitioners in this field, it made the point that a good number of doctors whose area of expertise is elsewhere are now trying to move into this aspect of medicine because of the terrific amount of business that it can bring them. Essentially it says that medical doctors are feeling the crunch of financial needs and are starting to try to go where the money is which happens to be in skin rejuvenation and other minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. It suggests that even neurosurgeons are turning their eyes towards this industry as a way to earn more money. You can read the complete SFVBJ article here. If you're going to go to a doctor to get your skin rejuvenation treatments, you want to go to one who specializes in this area. You wouldn't take your Japanese car to an auto repair shop that only works only on American cars. Sure, a car is a car but the specialty for repairing it is different. So why would you take your body to a doctor that doesn't specialize in the service that you're seeking? Make sure you ask any new doctors how long they have been practicing this kind of medicine. Clarify that you're interested not just in their years of medical experience but their actual familiarity with skin rejuvenation. You can find doctors qualified in skin rejuvenation through our network using this online tool. Question of the Day: If you had to choose a doctor who wasn't a cosmetic surgeon to do your skin rejuvenation, which type of doctor would you choose? photo link
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