Hot Skincare Line for The Stars Inspired by Israeli Grandmom's Recipes

The glitterati attending gatherings at the recent Golden Globe Awards and Sundance Film Festival were treated to red-boxed samples of an all-natural skincare line that's already won its own share of kudos. And it all started in a grandmother's kitchen. Tzeira Sofer founded Biowellness Innovations a few years ago after years of passionate research on the benefits of the pomegranate. She first learned of the fruit's healing properties from her Israeli grandmother. Later, a teenaged Tzeira would concoct potions from plants and oils for herself and friends. When, as an adult running a women's wellness clinic, Tzeira started to see the research that backed up her beliefs on how the mighty pomegranate is successfully used to treat myriad skin and other health conditions, the wife and mother packed up her family and moved to California to take her theories to market. Sofer's current skincare lines are called Pomega5 and t'Zerah. They're available at Whole Foods, Mollie Stone's, and Mill Valley Market, or online at or Tzeira Sofer is inspired by being able to connect a product that she truly believes in with people who want to take advantage of the healthful beauty of nature. She's so vigilantly involved in the manufacturing process that the products' jars are cleaned without chemicals and hand-dried in the small chem-free French lab where the lines are made to order. Her recent romp among the stars was just the beginning, as Tzeira is about to be seen in more interview venues. Her serum and ampules from both lines have been chosen by editors of Town & Country Magazine as top natural products and will be featured in April's issue.
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