Laser Away Dark Circles

Nothing can make you look older faster than continuous dark circles under your eyes. They make you look like you don't get any sleep at all which gives you a tired, aged appearance. Additionally, dark eye circles can make your eyes have that sunken in look which affects the rest of your face as well. Many people don't think about getting this taken care of at the doctor's office because the problem isn't severe enough to warrant surgery (such as an eye lift). But a new product which uses lasers to take away that ugly look could bring more people with the problem over to the doctor's office. A recent article takes a look at Aluma, a breakthrough laser treatment that helps refresh your eyes using radio frequency energy. Eyes can be treated safely all the way to the eyelid, making this a treatment which can solve a number of related cosmetic problems. Crows' feet can be wiped away, the fat pads around the eye can be shaped and those unsightly dark circles can be eradicated. Sound like a miracle cure? Well if you've been praying for help with this problem, perhaps that call was answered. Photo from MakeupWali
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