Pioneer Dermatologist Expresses Concerns

There's a big debate going on in the cosmetic dermatology industry as one of the industry's pioneers voices his concerns about current products. Dr. Arnold W. Klein is an elderly dermatologist who worked with temporary anti-wrinkle injections when they were new in the market. His concern is that new, longer-lasting injections are not as safe as the products that he was accustomed to using. He's not just mildly concerned either; he's spearheading a mission to get others in the industry to oppose the newer injections as well. One of the products that Klein is opposed to is ArteFill, an implanted filler that Klein warns could leave unsightly lumps under the skin with scarring resulting when these lumps are surgically removed. Diane Goosetree whose company produces ArteFill says that Klein's concerns are unwarranted, that these lumps don't occur when proper surgical procedures are followed and that he's been misinformed based on old data that is no longer correct. Does Klein have a valid case for his cause or is it a case of an older physician being stubborn when it comes to adopting new methods of achieving results? Learn more from The OC Register. Photo from Plasmetic.
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