ASPS Believes Botox to be Safe

Yesterday we took a look at a case which is making waves across the nation in which a consumer group is accusing Botox of being a killer and asking for stricter warning regulations by the FDA. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has announced their opinion on the issue and it seems that they believe that qualified doctors are already providing the information needed to make Botox safe for their patients.
"ASPS believes that the safety issues identified in the petition are currently addressed in the manufacturer labeling with detailed information and guidance, including approved indications, contraindications, warnings, drug interactions, precautions, and reported adverse event information." (source)
In other words, the information that the consumer group is seeking is already out there. What their case is doing is generating a lot of hysteria about Botox that is probably unwarranted. For one thing, the drug has not been linked specifically to the deaths in question. And for another thing, they're making a case out of sixteen deaths when hundreds of thousands of people are using Botox on a regular basis without problems. It's always wise to have all of the information that you can about any substance that you put into your body, whether it be peanuts or Botox. And it's always wise to consider all alternatives to any medical care including skin treatment. But to say that people who get Botox are uninformed about the risks of the decision seems to be a little bit questionable. Question of the Day: If you've had Botox injections, were you informed in advance of the risks? photo link
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