Be Careful When Getting Botox in the UK

Yesterday we took a look at the new Juvederm ULTRA that was released in Europe. If the desire to check it out has you booking tickets to the UK, you might want to slow down and think for a moment. It appears that there are risks associated with geting cosmetic procedures done in the UK. A recent study found that there are three significant problems facing the cosmetic medical industry in the UK. Primarily, it was found that the people providing medical information there were giving poor information that led to uninformed consumer decisions. This was combined with the fact that aggressive marketing made consumers more likely to agree to procedures that they weren't sure about. Additionally, it was found that many medical rules are being broken in the UK and they aren't being checked because of spotty regulation. The study specifically looked at information given to consumers interested in Botox. However, it also looked at more invasive procedures such as breast surgery. It was found that additional information was needed by consumers to reduce the risks of these procedures. This isn't to say that you can't get work done in the UK. But you should make sure you have all the facts before you do. Question of the Day: Ideally, in what location would you like to get Botox treatments done? photo link
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