Botox Okayed By Most Religions

There has been some debate amongst religious leaders about whether or not Botox is okay within the context of their religious beliefs. No, this doesn't have anything to do with religious views on altering the body or how cosmetic enhancement goes against a diety's design for us. Instead, it's about a much simpler issue - the ingredients used in Botox. Some religions don't believe in the consumption of pork. Leaders of those religions have been unsure about how to deal with the issue of Botox which is also derived from pork. People have argued both sides of the issue, with some saying that it's only eating the pork that's a problem and others saying that putting it in your body at all is a problem. The Muslim Judicial Council has taken a stance in opposition to Botox and banned its use for religious reasons. However, leaders of other religions seem to believe that there's nothing wrong with Botox insofar as religion is concerned. Question of the Day: Do you believe that banning Botox is a right of religious leaders? photo link
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