Did Heidi Montag Get Bad Collagen?

Heidi Montag, the reality TV actress who has gotten some media attention for her role on The Hills, is reported to be a plastic surgery victim. Well, not quite plastic surgery - just collagen. Awful Plastic Surgery postulates that Heidi got collagen injections that caused a bad reaction. This has resulted in a white ring around her lips. The gossip site admits that they don't know if this is truth or fiction but says that it's their best guess from the picture they've seen (available on their site, follow the above link). Bad reactions to collagen like this are rare but they can occur. Your best bet is to prepare in advance by discussing collagen and other dermal fillers in depth with your skin care doctor. Ask specifically about potential side effects and what the likelihood is that you'll have them. Related Link: Heidi Montag's Suspected Celebrity Rhinoplasty Question of the Day: Do you think Heidi had this done or is it just a bad picture? photo link
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