Kansas Woman Repairs Damage Done By Sun

The Lawrence Journal World News reports on a Kansas woman who has started to reap the benefits of skin rejuvenation. She's the first to admit that she engaged in some unhealthy sun habits when she was in her adolescence. (We think we know everything as teens, don't we?) These habits caused her to get premature age spots. She also noticed wrinkles appearing on her face. She took issue with these early signs of aging and decided that she was going to do something about it. The first thing that she did was take care of those unsightly age spots. She explains that she had a liquid nitrogen treatment done by her skin care doctor. This caused the spots to peel away so that new unspotted skin could be revealed to the world. Her appearance was already starting to look younger. Once the age spots were taken care of, it was time to deal with those wrinkles. She went with one of the most popular choices for wrinkle repair: Botox. The article gives a good overview of what the Botox process is like step-by-step. In the end, she's found that she's happy with the results. And now she knows to stay out of that sun! Question of the Day: Would you treat age spots or wrinkles first? photo link
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