Sugar Intake Can Affect How Much Botox You Need

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting Botox or dermal fillers to assist you in reducing the wrinkling of your skin. After all, these procedures help you to get the smoothness of your face back so that you can present your best self to the world. But if you could prevent the wrinkling altogether, wouldn't that be a better way to go? Although there are many different dietary changes that you can make to lessen the wrinkling that you experience, the most important of them is to cut out sugar from your diet.
"What the sugar does is it attaches to the protein molecules in the skin through a process called glycation, and it inhibits the folding of the skin and causes it to look brittle and hold." (Source)
You may still need some Botox after you stop eating sugar but you shouldn't need it nearly so often. And that'll free up some funds to see what other treatments your doctor can offer to keep you looking your best! Question of the Day: What sugar source do you most need to cut from your diet? photo link
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