Botox Bingers

Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons in the UK may be halting Botox injections for some women. According to the Harvey Medical Group, physicians are concerned that women are over-botoxing their faces, leaving them looking emotionless and plastic looking. The doctors are strongly urging patients to stop treatment and turning them away. For those Botox crazed patients, some dermatologists are instead pricking patients with far less solution. The same Botox binge has purged through US women, where Doctor's claim their patients have become anti-aging, crease fee obsessed turning them into "Wrinklerexics." "Wrinklerexia" may become the new negative fad to swoop through Hollywood and baby-boomers alike. Though, Botox is a great cosmetic enhancing treatment, developing a nasty habit may be detrimental rather than helpful. Which is why doctors are trying to stop the craving of these Botox-Junkies. If you are looking to learn more about Botox, or any other dermatological procedure go to Photolink
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