From Wrinkles to Migraines ? the Benefits of Botox

Migraine sufferers can now rid themselves of those nasty mood altering headaches and their wrinkles with the same prick. Though Botox injections used for migraine relief are not yet FDA approved, studies indicate positive results. Allergen has done the report and tests on those plagued with chronic migraines. The company announced in their clinical report that they found,
"?a great benefit in decreasing the number of days patients suffered from headaches in the BOTOX group"
(as opposed to the group with placebo injections). The 12-week trial result is giving much hope to the millions who are affected by unbearable migraines. Most people attempt to treat their migraines with over the counter drugs and medication, however Allergen's Botox injections would be the first-ever invasive method used to treat the condition. Allergen has also said if the FDA approves of their new venture into the Botox world they can rake in over $400 million by 2012. With celebrities, women and even men lining up for quarterly injections ? at $500 a pop ? Allergen is bound to make mass profits off of this lush and saturated migraine issue. If you wouldn't mind an injection every now and then to free yourself from wrinkles or migraines go to for the latest updates in dermatology and clinics near you. Photolink
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