Botox Etiquette

When is it ok to ask someone if they have dabbled into Botox? Is it ever socially appropriate to burst out such a blunt question? Some would say being so audacious is quite intrusive, but is Botox really that personal? In an age where twenty-somethings are pricking their clear foreheads for prevention, and fifty-somethings frequent the dermatologist more often than a GP, why not ask colleagues, peers or pals if they've had an injection or two. Frankly there is nothing to be bashful about because everyone is doing it! Just ask fashion designer Tom Ford, a nosy journalist was only able to wait minutes before asking the handsome fashion connoisseur about his derma habits.
"I have had Restylane and Botox, but I don't think of that as plastic surgery any more. It's true I can't really frown, but I can move my eyebrows, so ..."
So this season accessorize your glamorous haute couture with Botox. Photolink
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