DIEP Flap Revolutionizing Mastectomy

Two Colorado based plastic surgeons have pioneered the DIEP Flap surgery for breast cancer patients. The duo has developed a new alternative to breast reconstruction that can not only provide an aesthetically appealing look to the breasts, but also safety. 260,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, many of which undergo breast reconstruction after a mastectomy to rid themselves of the cancer. Dr. Jeremy Williams and Dr. Christopher Williams are thrilled to unleash the DIEP Flap,
"DIEP Flap provides state of the art technology to breast reconstruction. During a mastectomy, skin and tissue removed during the surgery is replaced with skin and soft tissue borrowed from the abdomen. Unlike the TRAM flap procedure, the DIEP flap takes tissue from the abdominal area, but leaves the muscle intact. Giving women the same, natural look and feel without the complications arising from removing the muscle in the abdominal area."
This new creation provides women with a choice for reconstruction. Although it is a new and delicate procedure, it may revolutionize the industry. Photolink
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