The Yoga Face

As great as chemical peels, injections and fillers are why not try facial yoga? After all yoga does wonders for your body and vein health, give it a go and see what yoga can do for your wrinkles. When fighting against those aging lines toning and exercising the facial muscle serves as an anti-aging tactic. Annelise Hagan a yoga instructor for Manhattan took the test upon herself. She started doing these facial exercises on herself and her students. She tells the LA Times that results showed up immediately.
"Tension is one of the major culprits in facial wrinkling. If you release tension, you'll see results."
Due to the success of face yoga, Hagan compiled her tips and techniques in "The Yoga Face" for beloved fans and to popularize the idea. Though the techniques won't stop you from aging, gasp, they will aid in relieving some tension and wrinkles from worn out areas of your face. So it may be worth coupling face yoga with a Juvederm injection or chemical peel. Photolink
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