Unapproved Facial Fillers

The FDA and a number of cosmetic dermatologists are urging people to take caution before getting injections of facial fillers. The anti-aging gels may claim they rid you of wrinkles, but reports of botched jobs have increased significantly. The FDA is concerned that people are seeking alternatives to facial fillers or taking the cheap avenue for looking young. But cutting costs in such fashions may result in bumps, lesions and scars. The Associated Press reported that doctors feel the current regulations on facial fillers is far too lax or simply disregarded. Harvard Medical School dermatologist Dr. Michael Bigby said,
'This is almost a no-brainer, the current label is not adequate.' The panel of doctors other experts unanimously agreed on the need for more safety studies."
Fillers have long had clean safety records when done by a properly trained physician with the right products, however when used by untrained technicians and unsafe gels and products the situation becomes seriously dodgy. Dermatologists and the FDA are hoping to put an end to the botched jobs and phony physicians, and bring back the reputable and credible avenues for anti-aging procedures. Photolink
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