Psoriasis and Obesity

skin_derma_dec08.JPG Researchers may have found a link between the fat hormone Leptin and the common skin ailment psoriasis. The study says that people with the skin problem may have significantly higher levels of the fat-inducing hormone. Leptin is the hormone which regulates food intake, body weight and fat storing capabilities. The study goes on to say that the high levels of leptin may cause increased blood pressure, diabetes and a sundry of other health issues. The study says,
"The results showed that those with psoriasis were more than twice as likely to be obese or have high blood pressure. Elevated levels of leptin were also more likely to be found in women, obese participants, and those with hypertension, metabolic syndrome, or psoriasis. After taking into account obesity, being female, or already having metabolic syndrome, they found that having psoriasis was associated with having high leptin levels."
Considering psoriasis is such a common skin disease, it is beneficial for dermatologists and patients suffering from it to know some of the various risk factors.
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