Winter Woes

With cold temperatures approaching this winter your skin can take quite the toll that is if it already hasn't. Cold weather can cause skin to lose its summer bronze and glow. Freezing temperatures means dried out and irritated skin. Winter doesn't just mean bad skin health; it also means added stress with a bustling Holiday household filled with parties and relatives. With the party planning comes a negligent skincare regiment. By disregarding your skin during these dry months, wrinkles, crackling and aging lines take over. With such negative effects because of winter it is vital to routinely increase skincare treatments and seek out aid from professional treatments like Botox, facial fillers and microdermabrasion. Typically the low humidity and dry airs are the primary causes of winter skin ailments. Similarly, for those of you holidaying this upcoming month, carry on moisturizing creams and face wash because the added cold air produces even more serious skin problems like eczema.
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