Celebrity Botox: Madonna

Botox is the subject of many media attacks lately as the FDA investigates how safe its use really is. That means that people are mentioning it every chance that they get. The belief that Madonna might be using Botox has therefore been a subject of greater-than-usual interest in online news. Basically, Madonna turned up at an event looking like she might have had some wrinkles smoothed out. Nothing's been confirmed about whether or not that's the case. However, people want to talk about Botox right now so that's the first conclusion that everyone is jumping to make. It should be pointed out that Botox is hardly the only item on the market that could have been used to smooth out Madonna's wrinkles, if indeed she did get some work done. There are multiple dermal fillers that are designed to achieve the same basic effects as Botox. In fact, many women are turning to these while the truth and fiction about Botox gets sorted out. Here's a better question - so what if Madonna did get Botox?! Question of the Day: Does Madonna's Botox use interest you or cause you to develop yawn lines? photo link
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