New Laser Approved for Treatments

Plastic surgeons at a few select locations are starting to use a new type of laser in all of their laser treatments. The new laser is a "carbon dioxide-based fractional laser, which combines minute focused columns of laser-induced injury with heat deposition for less skin damage and quicker recovery time." It goes deeper into the skin and makes the treatment go more smoothly. (No pun intended.) These new laser treatments can be used for skin tightening, reduction and removal of wrinkles and even laser tattoo removal. They had been in a testing phase up until recent weeks. They are now approved for use because of the success of the tests. It is primarily being used now at UT Southwestern which has over 200 lasers to attest to the fact that the doctors here know about this kind of stuff. Learn more from Medical News Today. Question of the Day: Would you be more inclined to get treatments with cutting-edge lasers or with time-tested technology? photo link
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