Your Options While the FDA Reviews Botox use

If you're someone who uses Botox injections, you've probably been staying on top of the news surrounding it in recent weeks. There were reports of Botox-related deaths and the FDA is now reviewing the safety of Botox as a result of those reports. What it appears at this time is that Botox may have risks but it is unknown whether those risks relate to FDA-approved uses for Botox. While the FDA is completing their review, what should you be doing about your Botox injections? Here are some of your choices: - Maintain your normal Botox schedule. - Hold off on injections until more news is available. Your Botox injections should last for awhile once you've had them so you might not need to do anything before your next treatments. - Switch to a different dermal filler. - Stop getting injections. The most important thing that you can do during this time is to keep an open line of communication with your doctor about your Botox concerns. Question of the Day: What will you do about Botox injections while the FDA completes its review? photo link
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