Bad Botox: Update on Priscilla Presley

We mentioned just yesterday that there was some speculation going around that Priscilla Presley had gotten some sort of work done that was probably Botox. It turns out that it wasn't Botox that she got but was actually some other sort of dermal filler that had never been approved by the FDA. Presley had received her injections from a nurse named Dr. Daniel Serrano here in the United States who was a doctor in Venezuela. This man was investigated by the police several years ago and was found guilty of importing the drug - a form of collagen treatment - into the United States. He was sentenced to prison at that time. It's been several years since Priscilla Presley received her treatments from this nurse/doctor. Apparently the issue was all resolved back at that time but she is just now revealing that she was a victim of this type of medical fraud. It just goes to show us yet again that it's important for all people - famous or not - to make sure that they've reviewed the background of their doctors. Question of the Day: What would your reaction be if you found out that you'd been receiving Botox-like injections that weren't medically approved? photo link
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