Celebrity Botox: Priscilla Presley

It's really hard to guess which celebrities have had dermal filler work done and which haven't. That's because when it's done right, it's something that makes you look more natural and not something that looks like a cosmetic procedure. As a result, celebrity Botox is basically up to speculation unless the star admits to it herself or someone gets some bad celebrity Botox done. In the realm of that kind of speculation, Awful Plastic Surgery suggests that Priscilla Presley might be getting Botox or something like it. They also suggest a number of other cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery work that she may (or may not) have gotten done over the years. It's anyone's guess as to why Priscilla might have decided that Botox (or another dermal filler) was the right choice for her. However the article from APS mentions the fact that Elvis was no fan of the times when she would wrinkle her forehead. Reportedly he'd smack herin the wrinkle to remind her to turn that frown upside down. Could be that she was trained to dislike the wrinkles and decided that dermal fillers could be her cure. Question of the Day: Do you think the celebrity Botox rumors about Priscilla Presley are true? photo link
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