Dermal Fillers for Non-surgical Nose Job

There are two major reasons that you are likely to consider seeking out a non-invasive cosmetic surgeon for dermal fillers. The first reason is that you are interested in anti-aging options which reduce the wrinkles on your face and smooth out your skin. The other reason is that you are interested in plumping up your lips or cheeks with dermal fillers. However, there's another great use for dermal fillers that many patients aren't aware of. Dermal fillers can be used to alter the shape of the nose. This is effectively a way to get a "nose job" without having to actual undergo the invasive procedure known as rhinoplasty. Essentially what you're doing with this type of procedure is injecting a dermal filler into the nose. The doctor then shapes or molds the dermal filler into the desired shape that you want the nose to have. This is a quick procedure which generally allows for immediate results. Of course, dermal fillers aren't permanent so you'll have to get this procedure more than once. However if you're interested in changing your nose without having to undergo surgery, it could be something to consider. Learn more about the details of this procedure here. Question of the Day: Would you prefer to get rhinoplasty or a non-invasive nose job? photo link
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