Dermal Fillers: Keep it Safe

People today are highly interested in "second-generation" dermal fillers. These are the dermal fillers that have some of the same effects as Botox but which were created in more recent years. They are preferred by people who are concerned about the negative effects of Botox and who are seeking a solution which will allow them to plump and smooth their faces with fewer risks. Of course, there's never zero risk when it comes to any medical procedure including the use of these dermal fillers. Because of this, it's always important that you discuss all procedures with a knowledgeable doctor before getting them done. Additionally, you should be looking to external information resources to learn more about the dermal fillers that you are interested in using. One resource that you might want to be bookmark is This is the website of the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety, a group of board-certified physicians who are committed to the goal of making sure that dermal fillers are safe for consumers. Their biggest focus is on making sure that only qualified professionals are able to give these treatments in order to maximize the safety of their widespread use. There are many different aspects of this site where you can get information that will help you out. Perhaps the most useful section is "ask your doctor" where the site provides a list of great questions to ask a doctor before getting work done. These questions are geared towards making sure that this doctor is trained and experienced in the work that you are going to have completed. Ultimately, it's up to you to make sure that you're protecting yourself from the work of bad doctors. But it's nice to know that there are good doctors out there who are working to offer more protection. Question of the Day: What other resources are there to provide dermal filler consumers with information? photo link
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