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As we mentioned yesterday, there are many doctors that aren't specifically cosmetic doctors but who nevertheless perform important cosmetic procedures for their patients. More specifically, we have highlighted the work of varicose vein and spider vein treatment doctors who also specialize in doing skin rejuvenation work. (You can check out yesterday's post for four videos of doctors like this speaking about their work.) However, it's not just the doctors who are important in this kind of work. It's also the businesses that provide doctors with the tools for improving their patient's care. Below you will find three videos showcasing the work of businesses that provide technology and support to the doctors who are doing both vein treatment and cosmetic procedures. Video #1: Sciton is a company that works primarily in medical and cosmetic vein treatment technology development. However the products that they create are also important for aesthetic / cosmetic treatments. For example, their product called ProV Fiber Delivery Platform is an open source platform designed for endovenous and transcutaneous veins as well as cosmetics such as laser hair removal and photorejuvenation. Video #2: Similarly, Palomar creates products that are designed for vein treatment but that have other applications in the cosmetic industry. Their light-based devices are used for treatments such as photofacials and hair removal. Video #3: Like the others, Cool Touch provides technologies that are useful in laser treatment as well as cosmetic procedures. In addition to laser hair removal, their products can be used for skin tightening. Question of the Day: Would you be interested in vein treatment options provided by your cosmetic doctor?
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